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Allergens: eggs, wheat 


Cooking Instructions :


•Fill a pan with the desired amount of noodles

•Pour in boiling water  to fully cover the noodles. Place lid on container and leave to soak. Gently agitate the noodles halfway through the soaking period to loosen the noodles:


    Recommended soaking times:  16-20 min

•- Once the noodles are loosened o soak to the desired softness, place into a colander and drain well.

•- Rinse Noodles for 1-5 minutes under cold water until thoroughly cooled.

•- Allow noodles to drain  fully by spreading out the noodles in the colander for a few minutes.

•- Noodles are ready for stir-frying or soups !

Thick Wheat Noodles

200 Grams
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