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100% plasticfree, bio-based and resusable.
The sponge for anything that needs to be cleaned – a genuine All Purpose Sponge.


The Maistic All Purpose Sponge is thin (9 mm) and sized perfect for the hand – two features making it a perfect mix of a cloth and a sponge with all of the two product features.
And yes – of course you can wash it. Pure cellulose sponges can go into the dishwasher glass drawer – putting it in the washing machine will shorten its lifetime.


Washing instructions

Put it in the tray for glasses in the dishwasher. Dry sponges standing. The sponge can then be used again. Alternatively the sponge can be rinsed with boiling water. Do not tumble dry Maistic sponges.




MAISTIC All Purspose Cellulose Sponge
100% bio-based.
Sponge is made of natural cellulose from wood fibers – nothing else.
Measurements 16 x 11 cm.
Retail packing: Printed paper wrap.

Maistic - Cellulose sponge

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