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Price Includes £1.00 Bottle deposit.

Bring back the Bottle and get your deposit back!


Brose Original Style

is a great drink on its own but is also perfect for cereal, porridge, and baking. Original Style is rich, creamy with a sweet favour.


Brose Barista Style

is perfect for specialty coffees, tea & hot chocolate as well as for baking. It’s creamy but more of a neutral flavour than our Original Style and froths very well, perfect for barista art.


Brose products are made from locally grown Scottish oats that are healthy, nutritious, and good for the environment.


Allergen inforrmation:

Brose oats are not GF certified and therefore, if you are celiac or on a strict GF diet for specific health reasons, please note, that there is a risk of trace amounts of gluten contamination in our product.

Brose - Oat drink

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