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"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

We believe that change starts with each of us,

that there is power in our decisions,

that choosing better is in our hands.


The Good Choice offers and promote sustainable living options Our aim is to make a positive change in the world, one container at a time

We love the community in Bridge of Allan and surrounding areas. We love welcoming our regulars and new customers everyday!

We are here for you.

 Bridge of AlLan 

What inspired us to set up the shop?

We have grown tired of not finding many options to buy daily staples and products that were plastic-free near us, we did grow frustrated and we decided to jump in and set up a shop!  we got such a nice welcome in the neighbourhood  and we are pleased and bringing an alternative to supermarket shopping and help people to transition to a more sustainable life-style!

A retail space was available closer to home and full of the motivation from our first shop, I was motivated to dive-in and open a new branch and bring a new shopping experience to more people!


Hope you join the zero waste movement ... Is good for you, and good for the planet!

What is zero waste shop?
Zero waste shops are an alternative to mainstream supermarkets, set to minimise waste by eliminating product packaging through the use of refill systems and encouraging people to reuse their own containers. Buying in bulk also allows people to get only what they need, which also helps to avoid food waste. 

Tackling waste is vital, though sustainability goes much further. For this, we also aim to choose products and suppliers that are among other things:

  • Environmentally-friendly: natural and organic, that do not harm the planet nor us.   

  • Selection of vegan products and brands

  • Local: sourced as locally as possible, however some of our products comes from a bit farther afield, we commit to full transparency on the origin of our products

  • Ethical and Social-minded: that are social, environmental or community oriented.

  • Small businesses: we want to become a venue for smaller producers to sell their products to a wider audience and open markets for them

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